ADAPT – Conditions of Attendance- 2020

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Attendance whilst under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is NOT permitted. Alcohol and or other Drugs should not be consumed prior to attending program as this may affect your ability to focus and actively part take in session.


Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed entrance to a session. Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time to allow sessions to commence and finish promptly.

Missed Sessions

First session of the program MUST be completed first followed by the second & subsequent. Missing the any session of the program for whatever reason(s) will result in exclusion from the entire program and you will be required to rebook into another program. (Full fee applies). If you are unfit to attend any session for medical reasons, you MUST provide a medical certificate for that date to be eligible for a discounted fee. (Standard BCP $250 & IBCP $500).

Cancelling/Changing booking

Please Note: if bookings are cancelled or changed within 48 hours of start date a rebooking an administration fee of $100 applies. 

Minimum Number of participants required: as per our policy we require a minimum of 6-8 participants to effectively facilitate BCP session. On rare occasions due to insufficient number of bookings we may be required to reschedule programs. In this case an alternative session will be offered at no extra cost.


ADAPT reserves that right to charge participants the program fee according to its policies.

As per VicRoads, concession discount is available to primary card holders only. (Social Securities Act 1991)

Please Note: as per your registration letter you are required to pay a non-refundable government fee to ADAPT. This non refundable fee is then forwarded to VicRoads as per legislative requirement. It is your responsibility to book into correct BCP session.

ADAPT Program Fee refund Policy

A refund is only provided should ADAPT cancel a BCP session due to unforeseen circumstance. An alternative session will be offered to participant however if the alternative is unsatisfactory a ‘full refund’ of your fees will be provided within 7 days of the cancellation.

Government Fee and Collection Process

$67 full fee $34 – concession card holder (Social Securities Act 1991)

This fee is paid by all participants of the BCP program. Your fee is forwarded to VicRoads as per legislative requirement. This fee is non-refundable at any cancellation or change of booking (conditions apply).

 Government fee Refund Policy

Under section 58N of the RS Act, full refund of the government fee will ONLY be provided should ADAPT fail to provide the participant the first stage of BCP within the agreed timeframe as registered and/ or unable to provide alternative to suits the needs of the participant.

Cancellation or Refund of Fees Policy

Cancellation Policy: A rebooking fee of $50.00 will be charged to you; should you cancel or change your booking within 48 hours of course commencement. Prior to 48 hours, cancellation notice has no charge (except the non-refundable government fee).  Whilst ADAPT will endeavour to offer an alternative venue in order to complete your BCP should you cancel a booking, please note that no refunded will be provided. 

 Smoking Policy

Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

 Behaviour & Code of Conduct

Participants who behave in a disruptive, unruly fashion or who attend an education session under the influence of alcohol or other drugs shall be excluded from or be asked to leave the session. Participants who refuse to leave an education session when requested to do so, shall be excluded from any further attendance at the program. Please Note: those fees for persons who are asked to leave a session are non-refundable. It is ADAPT’s duty of care to provide a ‘reasonably safe environment’ to all participant thus failure to adhere to these conditions will result in exclusions from the session/program.

All information that you volunteer during the program is strictly confidential and shall not be released to anyone without your written consent. At the completion of the Behaviour change Program, you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion verifying that you have successfully completed your requirements for license eligibility. You will be provided with a feedback back for your comments or complaints which is forwarded to VicRoads as per our reporting policies. Complaints can be made directly to account executive of ADAPT by calling 0412 731 785 or VicRoads.

 Please Note: ADAPT does not guarantee that every person(s) who attend a Behaviour Change Program will get their license restored immediately however we agree to provide you with all the information necessary to assist in your license eligibility.

Please Read These Conditions Prior to attending your BCP Sessions.


Call Nelly on 0412 731 785 if you have further enquiries 


ADAPT Drink Driver Program 
VicRoads approval No: 28881


Frequently Asked Questions

Getting your licence back

Find out what you need to do to get your licence* back after a drink-driving offence.

If you lost your licence for a drink-driving offence you may have to go to a Victorian Magistrates’ Court before applying to VicRoads to get your licence reissued.

Some drivers can come straight to VicRoads and don’t have to go to court. This depends on:

  • when your offence was committed
  • your Blood or Breath Alcohol Concentration (BAC) reading
  • if this was your first offence.

*Licence means any Victorian learner permits and/or driver/motorcycle licence.

Who will manage my relicensing requirements?

You can apply directly to us to get your licence back if this was your first drink-driving offence and you:

  • committed your offence on or after 1 October 2014 in Victoria and
  • had a BAC reading below .10
  • didn’t have any illicit drugs in your system and
  • had your licence cancelled.

Find out how to get your licence back under ‘VicRoads managed drivers‘ below.

Magistrates’ Court

If you committed any of the below offences in Victoria, you’ll need to attend a Victorian Magistrates’ Court before you can get your licence back:

  • all first time drink-driving offences with a BAC of .10 or more
  • all repeat drink-driving offences
  • all drug-driving offences where your licence is cancelled
  • serious alcohol-related offences such as culpable driving
  • all offences relating to refusal to be tested for alcohol or drugs
  • first time drink-driving offences committed before 1 October 2014 with a BAC between .07 and less than .10*
  • all combined drink and drug-driving offences committed on or after 1 August 2015
  • all other offences that may require an alcohol interlock condition.

Find out how to get your licence back under ‘Court managed drivers‘ below.

*Note: First time drink-drivers who were required to attend court for an offence committed prior to 1 October 2014, with a BAC less than 0.07, can apply directly to VicRoads to have their licence reissued.

VicRoads managed drivers
If your relicensing is managed by VicRoads (not court), you’ll need to follow these steps to get your licence back:
  1. Complete a Behaviour Change Program. Make sure you get an original certificate of completion as you’ll need that to get your licence reissued.
  2. Serve your cancellation period in full.
  3. Go to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to apply to get your licence back. See ‘Get your driver licence reissued’ below for details.
  4. Follow the conditions on your reissued licence. This will include an alcohol interlock ‘I’ condition and a zero BAC ‘Z’ condition. By law, we have to impose alcohol interlock and zero BAC conditions upon getting licensed. Find out more about the ‘I’ & ‘Z’ licence conditions below.

The removal of your alcohol interlock licence condition will also be decided by us, not the Court. See Completing the Alcohol Interlock Program.

Court managed drivers

You’ll need to get a Licence Eligibility Order (LEO) from the Magistrates’ Court before we’ll reissue your licence.

You’ll need to follow these steps to get your licence back:

  1. Plan ahead and find out what reports you need and/or Behaviour Change Program you need to complete. Some requirements may need to be done several months before your court hearing.
    • Depending on the offence you committed and when it was committed, you may need to complete a Behaviour Change Program, obtain a licence eligibility report or undergo an assessment through an accredited assessment agency. If you’re not sure what you need to do, find out more by contacting your nearest Magistrates’ Court(External link) for further advice.
    • You may need a record of your driving history. See ‘Driving record‘ below for details.
  2. Book your Licence Eligibility Order (LEO) court hearing:
    • To get a LEO, attend a Magistrates’ Court at least 28 days before your licence cancellation period ends to arrange a hearing.
    • The court will set a hearing date at least 28 days ahead, but not before your cancellation ends.
  3. Participate in, where required, an interview with Victoria Police before your court hearing.
  4. Serve your full cancellation period.
  5. Attend your court hearing. The court will decide whether to issue you with a Licence Eligibility Order.
    • Depending on the offence you committed and when it was committed, your LEO may have an alcohol interlock condition imposed for a minimum period of time that will be shown on your LEO.
  6. Go to a VicRoads Customer Service Centre with your LEO to apply to get your licence back. See ‘Get your driver licence reissued’ below for details.
  7. Follow the conditions on your reissued licence. This may include an alcohol interlock ‘I’ condition depending on your offence and will include a zero BAC ‘Z’ condition. Find out more about the ‘I & Z licence conditions‘ below. The removal of your alcohol interlock licence condition will be decided by the court. See Completing the Alcohol Interlock Program.
Driving record

If you need to get an LEO, the Magistrates’ Court may need a record of your driving history. 

Visit Check driver history to get your driver history report.

Behaviour Change Program

If you have committed a drink or drug-driving offence, you will need to complete a Behaviour Change Program (BCP) before you can get your licence back.

The BCP is designed to help you to identify the underlying reason for your drink and or drug-driving offence and to help you to identify actions to reduce the risk of re-offending in the future.

Please wait until you receive a letter in the post from us so you know the right program to book into.

The specific type of BCP you need to complete depends on the details of your offence. Refer to Drink-driving penalties, Drug-driving penalties or Combined drink and drug-driving penalties for more information.

To find a BCP provider, see Behaviour change program providers 

Get your driver licence reissued

Once you’ve served your cancellation period and met all other requirements, you’ll need to visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre to apply to get your driver licence reissued. You’ll need to bring your:

If you haven’t held a current Australian or overseas driver licence in the last five years or need to reissue a motorcycle learner permit, you’ll also need to be retested before your licence or learner permit is issued. Visit Renew your licence or learner permit for information about what tests are required and how to make an appointment.

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