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Drink & Drug Driver Behaviour Change Program ( DDDBCP )

ADAPT Drink Driver Program
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Behaviour Change Program


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ADAPT – Conditions of Attendance- 2019


Alcohol and Other Drugs

Attendance whilst under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is not permitted. Alcohol should not be consumed prior to attending program as this may affect your ability to focus and actively part take in session.


Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed entrance to a session. Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time to allow sessions to commence and finish promptly.

Missed Sessions

Session 1 of the program must be completed first followed by the second 2. Missing the any session of the program for whatever reason(s) will result in exclusion from the entire program and you will be required to be rebooked into another program unless you can provide a medical certificate for that date.


ADAPT reserves that right to charge participants the program fee according to its policies.

Concession card holder discount is available (Social Securities Act 1991)

Please Note: as per your registration letter you are required to pay a government fee to ADAPT.

This fee is then forwarded to VicRoads as per legislative requirement.


ADAPT Fee refund Policy

A refund is only provided should ADAPT cancel a BCP session due to unforeseen circumstance. An alternative session will be offered to participant however if the alternative is unsatisfactory a ‘full refund’ of your fees will be provided within 7 days of the cancellation.

Government Fee and Collection Process

$67 full fee $34 – concession card holder (Social Securities Act 1991)

Please Note: as per your registration letter you are required to pay a non-refundable government fee to ADAPT. This fee is then forwarded to VicRoads as VicRoads recovery fee.

Government fee Refund Policy

Under section 58N of the Road Safety Act 1986, VicRoads recovery fee is not refundable once your have provided your details for registration.

Cancellation or Refund of fees Policy

Cancellation Policy: A fee of $100.00 will be charged to you; should you cancel your appointment within 48 hours of course commencement. Prior to 48 hours cancellation notice has no charge. No refund – ADAPT will endeavour to offer an alternative venue in order to complete your BCP should you cancel a booking.



Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

Behaviour & Code of Conduct

Participants who behave in a disruptive, unruly fashion or who attend an education session under the influence of alcohol or other drugs shall be excluded from or be asked to leave the session. Participants who refuse to leave an education session when requested to do so, shall be excluded from any further attendance at the program. Please Note: those fees for persons who are asked to leave a session are non-refundable. It is ADAPT’s duty of care to provide a ‘reasonably safe environment’ to all participant thus failure to adhere to these conditions will result in exclusions from the session/program.

All information that you volunteer during the program is strictly confidential and shall not be released to anyone without your written consent.

At the completion of the 6 hour Behaviour change Program, you will be issued with a Certificate of Completion verifying that you have successfully completed your requirements for license eligibility.


Please Note: ADAPT does not guarantee that every person(s) who attend a Behaviour Change Program will get their license restored immediately however we agree to provide you with all the information necessary to assist in your license eligibility Process.


Consent to Provide information to VicRoads

ADAPT will provide information to VicRoads via registering your details with VicRoads for program verification and completion process. Should you require a court order, ADAPT will provide information to courts only via a license eligibility report. Once you have met all program requirement including fees, ADAPT will issue you a BCP completion certificate. It is your responsibility to provide this certificate to Court and/or VicRoads when requested. Your information collect will be used for the purposes of our program evaluation and improvement process and for any VicRoads Program evaluation processes.


Complaints Management

All participants are offered the opportunity to provide feedback or register a complaint after completing their BCP sessions. Your feedback is confidential and is used for quality management. The feedback forms are provided to VicRoads as part of our reporting requirements.

Feedback or Concerns can be provided directly to ADAPT Manager:

Nelly Stoer, PO Box 81, Coldstream 3770 Victoria

Email :​ or calling VicRoads on 1300 723 790




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